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Who Is Dynamic Performance and Therapy?

Here at Dynamic Performance and Therapy, we consider ourselves physiotherapists.  

DYNAMIC: Dynamic represents change, activity, and progress; the kind of change you want for yourself to live the life you want to live.  It also reflects a person with a positive attitude; full of energy and new ideas.  This is the kind of physical therapist you will meet on our team. 

PHYSIOTHERAPY:  Physiotherapists are physical therapists that help people affected by injury, illness, or disability with a greater emphasis on manual therapy, movement and exercise, education, and advice.  They help people of all ages and abilities improve their health or maintain their health as they grow older. They are your movement and wellness experts! 

Our Dynamic Performance and Therapy team works with a broad spectrum of patient types.  We seek to meet our patient’s movement and wellness needs; from traditional physical therapy (including post op rehab, chronic conditions, and more), or wellness-based therapy that focuses on a patient’s goals to improve their movement and performance of an activity or sport. 

How are we different?

The Personal Factor:
Our therapists are all here for one reason-YOU! We set aside the desired time to provide 1:1 care, hands-on therapies, cutting edge technologies, and a truly collaborative and healing environment that makes for an experience unlike anything you have experienced before.

Our practice is designed to be assessable and affordable to work within your budget and busy schedule. In short, we want to be “your therapists;” the resource you go to for all things movement-related.  We work hard at our job to get you back to yours; whether it is exercising at the gym, working construction, training for a marathon, or just doing the 9 to 5 without pain.

Our Mission:
Dynamic Performance and Therapy provides preventative, rehabilitative and performance therapy for those experiencing pain, injury, or movement dysfunction.  We are committed to achieving optimal results for our patients by providing the most up to date manual therapy techniques and corrective exercises available.

Our Community:
We enjoy your success almost as much as you do!  Your successes are our successes and it makes our day (and sometimes our whole week) when we hear of your successful hunt, homerun or ability to care for your children again. You truly become part of our family and you are the reason we leave ours every day to be a Dynamic Physiotherapist.  We have also developed a deep network of other health and wellness professionals in our area.  If we can't address some concern, we know someone else who can help.



“Prepare your body for the way you want to live”

At Dynamic Performance and Therapy we believe in empowering individuals to maintain a healthier lifestyle by moving better.  We are your movement and wellness experts. We are passionate about preventing chronic pain and injury rather than waiting for them to happen. Our goal is to share our expertise and knowledge to help you gain a better understanding of your own body and to teach you how to improve or maintain your current health.  Our staff is experienced, professional and accommodating to your individual needs and schedules.  We are excited to be able to practice in an environment that puts your plan of care ahead of your insurance limitations.  We offer an alternative approach with optimum results.  We help you own your body so you can live your life!

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