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"I was very impressed with how Matt figured out exactly the cause of the problem and the specific place in the body were the problem originated. He explained the problem to me with illustrations of muscles very easy to understand. After his treatment, I noticed immediate improvement. He gave me a set of specific exercises as homework." Clara G.

"I met Diane after struggling with a frozen shoulder and  sub-optimal treatment.  With wisdom and skill derived from decades of experience, Diane quickly not only determined the extent of my condition, but also a comprehensive plan of care.  Within a week I was receiving expert and coordinated care services from Diane, an appropriate physician and Studio 16 fitness trainer.
At every session with Diane I am physically restored and emotionally encouraged by her vast array of techniques and creative interventions. Diane’s integrity and interpersonal manner are equally impressive, inspiring both trust and hope. Her enthusiasm fuels an investment into my recovery that rivals my own! And “going-the-extra-mile” is also central to Diane’s professional practice. She graciously accommodates my erratic work schedule and thoughtfully updates my home exercise program. She generously devotes her attention and seizes every opportunity to enhance my progress. I encourage everyone to  discover for yourself what expert and client-centered physical therapy can do for you! "  Susan B.

"I can not say enough about how truly amazing my experience with Jake at Dynamic Physiotherapy has been. Whether you run 5k's or ultra marathons, if you are having any kind of pain, you need to go see Jake. Being a runner himself, he is very in tune to any kind of pain that may flair up from time to time. He was able to correct an on going issue I was having for more than a year, within a couple of weeks! I had previously gone to other PT's for the same problem but was never pain free. Jake knew immediately that it was more of a nerve issue and not so much of a muscular problem. The best part is he showed me some stretching exercises that have prevented the problem from coming back. He didn't tell me that I needed to keep coming back to him and put me on a "program", even if I was feeling ok. If I do have to go see him for a "maintenance" visit, I look forward to it. Not just because I know I will be well taken care of, but because he is so passionate about running and is always ready to share that passion with others!" Todd C.
"Matt Haberl is the best physical therapist I have ever received treatment from. His knowledge base for treatment of injury is outstanding!" Julie E.

"Jake Hegge is very thorough and does a nice job of explaining his findings and what he thinks is the best treatment / exercise plan moving forward. Very satisfied with my experience." Kelly K.

"My transition into college baseball was more than I expected, my arm didn't handle the increase in throwing well and I ended up with an ailing arm in my first fall. This is when I decided to see Diane Klos about my injury. Not only was she able to quickly diagnose the injury to prevent further harm but she also worked with me to get me back to 100% health with exercises and rehab. As a result I continued seeing Diane as I knew she was very knowledgeable and trustworthy in my craft as well as personable and a joy to be around and work with. I went on to have a successful, injury free, college career, which led me to being drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies. Not only do I owe credit to Diane for keeping me healthy to live out my dream but I also must acknowledge her many hours of training she put in with me. We spent time working with my mechanics, doing drills and watching video of myself to maximize my potential to throw strikes with high velocity. I'm currently in my 4th professional season with a strong, healthy arm. If I were to ever have anymore arm injuries, knock on wood, I know who would be my first call to consult. Also, if I need a mechanic tweaked or drill to work on I know Diane would be there in a heartbeat to help me out. My right arm is my career and I trust it in the hands of Diane Klos."  Jordan Guth, Former pitcher in the Philadelphia Phillies Organization

"I have been really looking forward for getting back on track and getting over some aches and pains-Matt was very informative, gave me good info and helped modify my work-outs to prevent further strain. After my first treatment I am already feeling better, woke up this morning without pain for the first time in a month!"  Shannon S.

"My first visit was very through and vigorous resulting in identification of the actual problem as opposed to the symptoms. These area were immediately treated via a series of deep massage, local electric stimulation and a well thought out pallet of stretching exercises to be self directed at home. This attempt to minimize the symptoms while I re-balance my body is clearly working. THANKS DIANE !"  Richard H.

"I received great information on my injury and saw improvement from my very first appointment! I haven't had this much hope in a long time, looking forward to getting back to running regularly." Stacey H.

"Excellent! I really enjoy working with Diane. It's fantastic to have her watch my every move and provide instant feedback. I have already improved and look forward to continuing to get stronger and reach my fitness goals." Kym C.

"This was a highly valuable hour and was more helpful than massage, chiropractics, and previous physical therapy. In addition, Dr. Jake is friendly, professional, and SMART. His use of up-to-date technology also impressed me."  Carla S.

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