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Jake Hegge

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Dr. Jake Hegge, PT, CSCS

Jake is a Physical Therapist, coach, and runner. He attended UW-La Crosse for his undergraduate degree in Exercise & Sport Science and doctorate degree of Physical Therapy (DPT). Through his online coaching business, Jake guides runners all over the country. Whether they are training for their first 5k, or competing at an elite level, Jake coaches all levels of runners. Jake competes for the Grand Bluff Racing Team in events ranging from 5k to 100 mile ultramarathons. He has competed in events throughout the country and has several course records throughout the Midwest.

Jake provides a variety of techniques including joint mobilization, manipulations, soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, shoe fits, and a variety of running specific exercises.   One of Jake’s specialties includes gait analysis. It is easy to identify gait abnormalities, but it takes another dimension of skills to determine if it is relevant and if it should be addressed. There needs to be a sustainable way to change and optimize the stride for pain-free running.

Jake understands the complexities of working with runners and their desire to reach the finish line or set a personal record.  Jake works with athletes to adjust their training plans and to maintain fitness. He works out of the Main Street location and La Crosse Wellness Center location. 

Jake is very involved in the local running community. He is usually racing, pacing, or volunteering at the local races. He is also one of the race directors for the Hixon 50, La Crosse’s only 25k and 50k trail race.

One of Jake’s favorite quotes is “A lot of runner’s run to be fit, we need to be fit to run.”

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