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Professional Clinical Internship

This clinical education component of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program allows students to observe and be mentored by expert clinicians working in their respective specialized clinical settings. At Dynamic Performance and Therapy, we will provide a unique experience in orthopedic, sports medicine and wellness related therapy, thus establishing a unique link between the educational and clinical aspects of the student Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Our mission is to provide high quality educational training to facilitate the development of superior orthopedic, sports medicine, and progressive clinical management skills. Our goal is to create practitioners who can better serve their company, community, patients and clients, and the profession of physical therapy.

Application and Selection Process:

Applications will be reviewed, and eligible candidates will be selected for an interview and evaluation of basic clinical competencies.  Desirable applicants include those who:

  • Have serious interest or experience in orthopedic, sports medicine, manual physical therapy, wellness and private practice
  • Demonstrate leadership potential
  • Identify themselves as self-directed and self-motivated learners
  • Have a wellness and fitness background (preferred certification in fitness/wellness ie CSCS, CPT, ATC or other fitness related certification)
  • Have an interest in growing business and administration skills, including sales, marketing, along with physical therapy skills and techniques
  • Have past experience or interest in group exercise instruction
  • Certified in CPR/AED

 Professional Behavior

 Students in the professional component of the curriculum are always expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner.  The Professional Behaviors and the American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct are considered the guidelines to be adhered to at all times.  Students must assume the responsibility of knowing and abiding by the physical therapy licensure law of the state in which they are assigned for their clinical internship.

 Clinical Education Objectives at Dynamic Performance and Therapy (DPT)

 The objectives throughout the 12-week clinical experience at DPT include:

  1. Gain exposure to a variety of clinical settings, having the opportunity to observe classroom skills integrated into patient care.
  2. Gain exposure to a variety of types of diagnosis and problems encountered by Physical Therapists in different settings.
  3. Have the opportunity to interact with patients on a professional level and observe interactions of other professionals.
  4. Have the opportunity to review documentation related to patients that have been observed.
  5. As appropriate to the setting, practice hands-on skills that are within the skill set learned in the classroom.
  6. Practice, with direct supervision, any skills the clinical instructor deems appropriate to teach.

Length of Clinical at Dynamic Performance and Therapy (DPT)

A 12-week final clinical rotation is available at DPT.  The student must have successfully completed all the academic coursework, and 2 other rotations.

Objectives and Student Competencies:

General Objective: The primary objective of this final full-time internship is to provide the student with an opportunity to practice patient care skills in an actual clinical setting, under the supervision and guidance of the facility’s clinical staff.

Specific Objectives: By the conclusion of this third and final full-time internship experience, the students should be able to perform the skills listed below at an entry level PT.  To achieve entry level performance the student must be capable of consistently functioning without guidance/ clinical supervision, when managing patients with simple and complex conditions.  The student must also be capable of maintaining a full caseload of an entry-level physical therapist, seeking consultation with only unfamiliar or ambiguous situations. In other words, the student must be capable of functioning as a new graduate in a facility.

  1. Demonstrate professional, ethical and legal behaviors and attitudes in accordance with the APTA Code of Ethics and the appropriate State Practice Act in a fiscally sound manner.
  2. Communicate by both verbal and written means in a professional, competent, timely and appropriate manner; with patients, family, caregivers, practitioners and other parties.
  3. Obtain pertinent information from appropriate oral and written sources.
  4. Identify and perform logical and appropriate screenings and examination procedures accurately and in a safe, competent, effective and timely manner with respect to each patient’s individual needs.
  5. Correctly interpret the results of the screenings and examination procedures, and formulate appropriate physical therapy diagnosis, prognoses, goals and plans of care and referrals to other professionals and express these results in verbal and written communications in culturally competent manner.
  6. Design, implement, communicate and document an appropriate and safe physical therapy plan of care for the patient, integrating goals, outcomes and discharge plans for individuals in a manner consistent with the evaluative findings in a culturally competent and fiscally sound manner.
  7. Appropriately utilize and supervise support personnel in accordance with legal and ethical guidelines.
  8. Educate patients, family, care givers, practitioners, and other parties in a culturally competent manner.
  9. Appropriately manage resources (including space, time and equipment) in a manner, which maximizes outcomes.
  10. Provide appropriate consultation to individuals, businesses, schools, government agencies or other organizations on an as needed basis.
  11. Appropriately address primary and secondary prevention, wellness, and health promotion needs of individuals, groups, and communities in a culturally competent manner.
  12. Demonstrate that a physical therapist has professional and social responsibilities beyond those defined by work expectations and job descriptions.

Start Date and Program Duration for Spring 2020 rotation:

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume, two references, and a completed application to by Saturday, March 2nd.  Interviews will be conducted in La Crosse March 10th through March 24th, 2019 with a decision by March 31st. If selected, you will complete a 12-week rotation, working with several different clinicians to expand your knowledge and techniques based on clinician’s background. 

At this time, we are accepting applications from students attending the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.  If you are attending another university and are interested in the Professional Clinical Internship, please contact us at 608.351.3049.  Thank you!

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