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Athletic Assessment

Are you a high school athlete, weekend warrior, or elite athlete? We understand the demands of your sport. Whether it is getting that nagging injury taken care of or taking your training to the next level, we are here to help.

Are you training for your first 5k or competing in your 50th marathon?  We understand the physiology, biomechanics, psychology, and physical demands of running.

Are you having difficultly with the freestyle, breast stroke, or butterfly?  We can help make sure your form is as efficient as possible.

TRX, Kettle bell, Tabata, and Crossfit pushes your body to the limits.  We can help you perfect the Turkish get-up and the clean and jerk.


Pilates based exercises focus on proper spinal alignmentand maximum core strength.  This allows one to maximize the use of the muscles of the extremities, by giving them the best alignment and foundation  to create force and movement. The benefit of pilates based rehabilitation will enhance daily movement and athletic performance.  This is why pilates based training and rehabilitation is becoming a common practice amongst high level athletes and the weekend warrior.

Are you training for your first century, tour, or triathalon or riding the technical singletrack in Upper Hixon?  Cycling for prolonged periods of time can put substanial stress on your body.

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