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Cost Savings

Healthcare Expenses Simplified! 

Do you feel overly confused when you receive your medical bills and ask why you cannot just pay for the service you had received? Well so do we at Dynamic PT!  

To take out the confusion of insurance based care, at Dynamic Physiotherapy have designed and implemented a consumer driven self-pay option for you to know exactly what service you are paying for and how much it will be.  


Consumer Driven:  

We believe as consumers, you deserve the right to choose top quality physical therapy care at an affordable price and still remain in control of your treatment choices.  

At Dynamic, we make it simple to access one of our experienced physical therapists with direct access (no physician referral needed!) and with flexible online scheduling that meets the needs of your busy schedule.  Save the extra cost of an additional appointment with your physician to get a referral to physical therapy. 

Transparent Pricing:  

Tired of trying to figure out your hospital/ clinical bills, based on your in- and out-of-network benefits, deductibles, co-pays, and the codes your practitioner charges?  

This often makes it almost impossible to determine what your per visit costs or  final bill will  be... 

At Dynamic Physiotherapy, our prices are always transparent and your plan of care is determined by what will give you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.  You will be provided the cost of your initial visit prior to your appointment, and payment is made at the completion of your visit. Any form of payment is accepted including cash, check, credit card and even your Health Savings Account (HSA)/Flexible Spending Account funds. You will no longer have to worry about bills trickling in weeks after your insurance has decided what care THEY will pay for and how much you will be reimbursed for it.  At Dynamic, YOU decide with your therapist how many future visits are needed to help you reach YOUR GOALS. 

 Can I still use my insurance?

Most patients can get “out of network” reimbursement for their treatment. This process is similar to all other forms of insurance such as car and home owner’s insurance. If you have hail damage on your car you take the car into the repair shop and pay for their work and then submit the bill to insurance for your reimbursement.

Here at Dynamic we will provide you with a “super-bill”, which contains the necessary information for reimbursement of your treatment session(s).  We encourage all of our clients to contact their insurance company to ensure they have all the proper forms and have provided you with a few pointers on how to contact your insurance company regarding your benefits.

Once we have received and completed the appropriate forms for you, you can submit this for reimbursement directly back to you. The amount of reimbursement is completely dependent on your health insurance plan and reimbursement policies.   


Patient Driven:  

Do you ever feel like you get bounced around from specialist to specialist, without anyone addressing your specific needs?

Unfortunately, in today’s healthcare environment insurance requires specific codes for different conditions and will only allow certain providers to treat specific conditions. Hospitals are bound to specific contractile agreements between the hospital and insurance company. Fortunately, with our model the only contract we have to worry about is the one we have with YOU!   

At Dynamic Physiotherapy, our prices are always transparent and your plan of care is determined by what will give you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. Take a look at some of our Patient Driven Testimonials!  


Quality Care:

At Dynamic Physiotherapy we believe in being YOUR Physical Therapist where we can provide all of YOUR care dependent upon YOUR needs.   Our team of experienced therapists will provide the most up to date treatment to address your pain, range of motion, injury, preventative or performance goals.  We educate you about your problem so you can implement your home exercises in a safe and effective manner and work with your other healthcare providers in transitioning you back to your goals.  This method of treatment results in fewer visits needed to reach your goals.  

Better value:  

Feeling like your insurance co-pays and deductibles continue to increase despite no other cost savings on your monthly insurance premiums?

As the insurance industry is trending towards increased co-pays, cost-sharing plans and higher deductibles, our self-pay option is a less-expensive alternative and higher quality option to billing insurance.  Your initial reaction may be that our self-pay method will cost you more money out-of-pocket, but our model will actually save you money, while still providing you with high quality physical therapy care. Here’s an example on HOW: 


Insurance Model at a Standard PT Clinic 

Cost for one session of skilled therapy services: $300*  

Co-Pay (not counted toward deductible): $25  

Deductible (must be covered by patient before insurance’s kicks in): $5,000  

Co-Insurance (percentage patient must pay after deductible is met): 20% 

A Cost Comparison of Physical Therapy sessions between Insurance based model of care and Self-Pay Model:

                      Insurance Based Model Costs                               Self-Pay Model Costs

Session 1 $300 Session 1 $110
Session 2 $300 Session 2 $75
Session 3 $300 Session 3 $75
Session 4 $300 Session 4 $75
Session 5 $300 Session 5 $75
Session 6 $300 Session 6 $75
Session 7 $300
Session 8 $300

Additional elements to consider when choosing your model of treatment:

                                                                                Insurance Model                                Dynamic PT

Average 1 on 1 Time with PT 15 minutes/session(2-3 hours total) 45 minutes/session (5-6 hours total)
Average Number of Weekly Visits 2-3x weekly 1-2x weekly
Duration of PT care 8-12 weeks 4-6 weeks
Total Cost $2400 $485

In summary, if you are looking for help with a current musculoskeletal problem or are looking to make safe changes in your fitness and health, Dynamic Physiotherapy is an affordable option for you to do so.  Our team of experts can help you recover from your pain or injury or work with you preventatively to help feel your best.  If you have questions about how we can help you or questions about our self-pay model, contact us at

Pricing based on the public listing. Theses prices may vary based on hospital/clinic systems.

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