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August Newsletter

Strategies To Prevent Knee Pain

Do you occasionally suffer from knee pain that disrupts your ability to engage in regular physical activity? There are a number of factors that may contribute to your pain and increase your risk of experiencing a knee injury. Learn more about beneficial strategies that can help prevent knee injuries in this month’s featured article.  

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An Introduction To Running

Running is a great way to get the lower body into top condition. This activity also benefits cardiovascular fitness and overall health. To get started, you need to know about running technique, safety and equipment. Read on for our resources on running and what to do beforehand to get the best out of your run.

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Strength training is a part of rehabilitation for many chronic conditions involving muscle or joint pain. Think about asking a qualified Physical Therapist if strength training is right for you today.


Learn about Biceps Rupture

Did you know that the biceps muscle connects to the elbow as well as the shoulder? The tendon that allows this can be torn. This is known as a distal biceps tear, and can explain pain in the arm or elbow following heavy lifting. Read on to learn about this condition and its management.

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