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June Newsletter


Hiking For Health

Regular physical activity is good for your health and can lengthen your life; the problem is that most of us aren’t getting enough of it. The good news is that exercise doesn’t have to be boring - hiking is a great way to meet the recommended physical activity guidelines, and as a bonus, you get to enjoy the beauty of nature.  

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If you play lacrosse you’re likely well aware of the bumps and bruises and other serious injuries, such as fractures, that can happen while playing, even if you’re playing in a non-contact league. Physical Therapy can help you reach your peak potential while teaching you about proper stretching and equipment selection to minimize your risk of injury.

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Have you heard of Scheuermann’s disease?

Scheuermann’s disease is a condition that typically begins in childhood that gives the appearance of a hunchback due to wedging of the vertebral bodies of the thoracic spine. Without appropriate treatment, affected individuals often experience back pain in adulthood. A Physical Therapist can help accurately diagnose Scheuermann’s disease and educate you on the treatment options available.

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Upcoming Events


Jun 12-Aug 11
8:30-10:00 AM
3:00-4:30 PM

Elite Athlete            Total Athletes
5 Days/Week          3 Days/weel
Mon-Fri                        M/W/F
$349/month          $249/month

9 Week program designed specifically for middle and high school athletes
Individualized strength, power, speed, agility, & conditioning
Injury prevention program
Nutrition coaching
Mindset and social development coaching

CrossFit UDX 2389 Darling Court La Crosse, WI 54601

Coach Nicole: 651-380-3479


Olympic Weightlifting

MON/WED/FRI 6:45-8:00PM


Learn the sport of olympic weightlifting with

the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

Train to compete, or just come to lift heavy

weights, become more explosive, and get better

at your lifts.

All sessions taught by CSCS and USAW coach

Jake Dorshorst

$95/month* or $15 Drop-in

*Add individualized program for $45/month

It's official! NEW this year, our 4 Mile course will take runners over the Cass St. Bridge TWICE!

This year's race will start in Riverside Park, take runners to Pettibone Beach and back in what we think is the most scenic 4 Mile race out there!

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