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Pelvic Floor Fitness Workshop
La Crosse Wellness Center, October 24th, 2018 at 22:30

Join Marci Skemp, DPT, Robin Haberl, DPT, and Emily Sturomski, Personal Trainer, for a 4 week workshop as they help you identify where are you are with your pelvic floor, whether you are 12 weeks postpartum or 12 years! In these 4 weeks, we will discuss issues that can arise with an overactive/inactive pelvic floor and then how to properly activate your pelvic floor during exercise and at rest. You will get a free 4 week membership to the La Crosse Wellness Center along with so much more.

Our goals and objectives for the 4 week workshop:

  1. To provide participants with a general overview of common post-partum pelvic floor dysfunctions and abdominal weakness.
  2. To educate participants in recognizing signs and symptoms that would indicate referral to PT for individual evaluation and treatment.   
  3. To establish a foundation for self assessment of effective pelvic floor and abdominal muscle activation/relaxation.
  4. To increase awareness of core activation and stability at rest and with activity.
  5. To teach participates how to safely progress or advance exercise during post-partum recovery and beyond in order to reduce the risk of future or worsening injury/dysfunction.

We hope you can join us for this first ever Pelvic Floor Fitness Workshop at Dynamic Physiotherapy!

Registration is required. Sign up online or give us a call at 608.351.3049