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Perceptions from an Olympic Physical Therapist

“Are Olympic athletes in good hands with sports physiotherapists?”

In the height of enthusiasm for the summer Olympic games, comes injury and disappointment for some top athletes. Many of these athletes will seek treatment from a sports physiotherapist or physical therapist to be able to continue their competition. The role of these medical practitioners is not only to treat the pain and injury, but also to support the athlete in a way that he or she may continue to compete at a top level.

Physiotherapy or Physical therapy…what is the difference?

The term physiotherapy is more commonly used in Australia and Europe. It relates to those who have an expertise in musculoskeletal care and movement. The primary focus of physiotherapy is on an individualized integrative care that heavily involves the use of manual therapy techniques. These techniques are followed up with movement re-education to prevent re-injury and enhance performance. Traditional physical therapy in America has been integrated in the medical system as more of a rehabilitative process. Both professions require a higher level of education and further skill acquisition to provide the best in quality of care.

At Dynamic Physiotherapy we provide you with the best of both types of therapy. Each one of our therapists has advanced degrees, experience and certifications in manual therapy and corrective exercise instruction

What do the “good hands” and skills of a Sports Physiotherapist include?


Everyone deserves the same care as an Olympic athlete. There is also no one-treatment method that works for everyone. The key to good care is to find a good therapist who has a toolbox full of skills and experience to find the best care to fit your needs.

At Dynamic Physiotherapy we will work with you to provide an individualized treatment plan to bring your tissues and joints back to a pain-free and healthy state. This allows you to get back to your optimum level of pain-free movement and performance. We will also integrate your care with other providers you may be working with (physicians, athletic trainers, chiropractors, massage therapists, personal trainers etc) Check out our website for more information about our available treatment options or to make an appointment at one of our four convenient locations-a physician referral is not required to see one of our therapists.


This blog was written by Diane Fletcher Klos, MS, PT, SCS, CSCS

Diane provided sports physical therapy care at the 2002 Olympic winter games in Salt Lake City, Utah.