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What To Expect

Dynamic women’s health PT focuses on addressing the changes in a women’s body throughout their lifespan.  These changes may include loss of mobility, core strength, pain, injury or other chronic conditions that alter your level of activity and life choices.


Pilates based rehabilitation “meets your body where you are at” and addresses the areas of need for core strength and mobility. Specific exercises and movement strategies are blended with manual techniques and treatments that address pain or movement problems, to help you move better and feel better.  It is aimed at empowering you to be your best self.


Initial sessions are usually 45-60 minutes one-on-one, in a private treatment room.  In your initial session we will discuss what brings you in, your concerns and your goals for treatment. This session also includes a thorough evaluation of your body, what causes your pain or problem and how you move. Your sessions may include the following:


  • Posture assessment.

  • Evaluation of your breathing strategies with rest and exercise.

  • Movement assessment- your therapist will take you through a progressive series of movements and see where and how your body moves. Where is your body lacking mobility? Are you able to provide core stability at one joint to allow another to move freely?  How does your body accommodate for your lack of mobility or too much mobility in a joint and where is your body lacking the strength to provide proper movement?

  • A thorough analysis and discussion of how you move with daily activities and higher-level activities is provided.

  • Goal setting and treatment plan is based on your time, needs and aspirations.

  • Exercises and treatment is provided during your initial session.


If needed, follow up sessions involve a progression of exercises to address your concerns.  This may or may not involve the use of Pilate’s based rehabilitation equipment, such as the reformer or the Corealign.  Both pieces of equipment help to assist or resist the necessary joints and muscles to help you move properly.  Your sessions conclude with some “homework” – exercises that you can do at home to help you get back to moving and feeling better.


You will leave your appointment with a better understanding of your problem and your concerns about your body.  Education is key to you getting better!  We want you to know what is going on with your body and help you take the necessary steps to get it to where you want to it to be.


Do you still have questions?  Please send us an email and we will get back to you shortly.

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