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About Pilates Rehabilitation

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Diane Klos, PT

Diane Klos is a women’s health physical therapist, certified sports medicine specialist and Pilates rehabilitation specialist.  She has 35 years of experience working with women of all ages and abilities.  Her passion is helping women throughout their lifetime overcome their health issues and achieve their fitness and wellness goals.  She treats all injuries related to women’s bodies and sport. Diane has a deeper focus on the direct cause and treatment of mobility and strength deficits with a Pilates rehabilitation focus for treatment. Diane is one of the founders and owners of Dynamic Performance and Therapy.


Diane received her bachelors in Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1986 and her masters in Human Movement and Performance in 1990.  She has a passion for helping women of all ages overcome their pain or limitations to help them reach their full level of performance.


Diane grew up in the Coulee region and enjoys hiking, yoga, Pilates, golf, tennis and any activity outdoors.  She cherishes her time traveling with her husband and also spending family time with her grown children at their family cabin up in northern Wisconsin.

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