After consultation, our massage therapist will integrate several techniques for a session designed specifically for you. If you are working in conjunction with one of our physical therapists, your session may also be supplemented with exercises to address musculoskeletal strength and imbalances. Find out more about Christine's techniques and schedule here.

Dynamic Performance and Therapy's goal is to provide individuals of all ages and experiences with different strength-building opportunities to maximize performance. These classes focus on performing correct movements to reducing injury risk and improving performance. Find out more how to get signed up here

Performance Training and Personal Training
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Whether you are returning to exercise from an injury or just looking to get started on your fitness journey, our health and wellness experts are here for you.  We will work with you on your goals through methodical progressions and programing, supporting you every step of the way.

Pilates-Based Rehabilitation

Pilates based rehabilitation is one of the fastest growing treatment techniques in physical therapy.  It involves the use of special Pilates equipment and training to help the therapist manipulate gravity, and to supply assistance to a movement that might otherwise be too difficult or painful to perform. The ability of the therapist to use springs, levers, and gravity provides a continuum of assistance and resistance to help the patient or individual reach their ultimate performance goal. This positive movement experience leads to enhanced performance for both everyday activities and sports.

This Restorative Movement series integrates yoga and restorative movement principles designed to provide a structured and progressive approach to improving flexibility, strength, balance, and alignment.  It is a class that focuses on complementing your life and other movement practices. The goals of the class are to meet you where you are at and improve your body awareness and movement.  The class will be accessible to all levels with no prior yoga experience needed. Find more information and how to sign up here.