Restorative Movement


This 6 week series will help you release tension and build good movement habits so you can move through your life with more ease and less pain.  Each week will focus on a theme.


Week 1:  Breath 

Week 2:  Posture 

Week 3:  Shoulders 

Week 4:  Hips, Legs, Feet - Focus on Mobility and Freedom

Week 5:  Hips, Legs, Feet - Focus on Stability and Balance 

Week 6:  Connecting the dots:  How to use the skills you learned to safely progress at your own pace toward your movement goals.


Amber has been a yoga and movement teacher for 15 years.  Through the process of guided self-observation, your self-awareness deepens and your sensory motor control is improved.  Whether you live with pain and want to move better and feel better throughout your day or you are an athlete looking to gain a deeper understanding of how you move so that you can improve your technique and avoid injuries, this class has something to offer you.


Participants will be asked to bring their own mat. If you have a yoga block, that would also be beneficial.

Frequently asked questions

What are the class days and times?

Restorative Movement class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays (one hour class):

  • 7:00 pm (In-person or Virtual)

What is the cost for the sessions?

When signing up, you can choose one class per week or two classes per week for Restorative Movements:

  • 1x/week = $125 (based on 6 classes/session)
  • 2x/week or Virtual Option = $200 (based on 12 classes/session

What is the class size?

To give you quality instruction and make sure the classes are tailored to you and to ensure the health and safety of our clients due to Covid, the classes are limitied to 5 participants/class time In-Person. We are excited to be launching virtual classes as well! Join from anywhere - at home, on the road, or in the office. Sign up following similar instructions below.

How do I sign up for the classes?

To sign up for a class, you will first need to purchase a Restorative Movement package through PT Everywhere. You will then be ready to sign up for classes. You can purchase a Restorative Movement package online (instructions below), by calling 608.351.3049, or emailing Our front office staff will get an account set up and purchase the restorative movement package for you.

  • Purchasing a restorative movement package online:
    • Log into your PT Everywhere account: If you have been seen with Dynamic Performance and Therapy, click here. If you haven’t, please create an account here.
    • Once you are logged into PTE:
      • Choose the Payments from the home screen
      • On the top of the page --> Click Packages and Memberships
      • Click +Add Package
      • Choose the 1x/week or 2x/week
        • Please make sure to purchase the correct package of Restorative Movement (for In-person) or VIRTUAL Restorative Movement.
          • If you are wanting to do 1 day virtual and 1 day In-person, please purchase the Restorative Movement (2x/week) May 3rd to June 10th
      • Click Buy in the upper right hand corner
      • Confirm Pay Now in the upper right hand corner and choose payment option
  • After your package is purchased, you may begin to schedule your classes.
    • Choose Schedule on the home screen
    • Select Schedule an Appointment/Class
    • Scroll all the way to the bottom and choose Restorative Movement
    • Select your desired date starting the week of May 3rd and choose your class.
    • Continue until the week of June 8th selecting your one or two classes per week.
      • Please note, when signing up for classes, there are only 5 In-Person slots available; There is also the option to sign up for our virtual class, just make sure to choose the correct class type you are looking for!
    • This allows you to switch class times week to week as needed.
    • Please sign up for all classes at once if possible for best availability.