Clara G.

"I was very impressed with how Matt figured out exactly the cause of the problem and the specific place in the body were the problem originated. He explained the problem to me with illustrations of muscles very easy to understand. After his treatment, I noticed immediate improvement. He gave me a set of specific exercises as homework."

Kelly K.

"Jake Hegge is very thorough and does a nice job of explaining his findings and what he thinks is the best treatment / exercise plan moving forward. Very satisfied with my experience."


Richard H.

"My first visit was very thorough and vigorous resulting in the identification of the actual problem as opposed to the symptoms. These areas were immediately treated via a series of deep massage, local electric stimulation and a well thought out pallet of stretching exercises to be self-directed at home. This attempt to minimize the symptoms while I re-balance my body is clearly working. THANKS, DIANE !" 

Josh F.

"After my first visit with Michael, I began to feel the pain subside. All of my visits were very thorough and informative. Michael explained his assessment with great detail. I was also given solid advice on how to avoid future injury. I left with a feeling of comfort and confidence in my recovery. The fast relief allowed me to stay on track with my training to successfully complete my first 50k race."


Jessica L

"Wonderful experience working with Dr. Marci! I have chronic neck/shoulder tension and tailbone pain. After 2 visits she has not only used dry needling to help with my tight muscles, but equipped me with some wonderful exercises that are making such a big difference! Thank you!!!"

Deb W.

"Dr. Hanni is absolutely wonderful! Going to Dynamic for my pain was one of the best decisions I ever made. I recommend it to anyone who's in pain!"