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Our Health & Wellness Services
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Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique physical therapists use for the treatment of pain and movement problems.  The technique uses a thin "dry" needle, one without medication or injection, inserted through the skin into areas of the muscle. Physical therapists use dry needling to release or inactivate trigger points to relieve pain, decrease muscle spasm, and/or improve movement. This treatment can help speed up your recovery and return to activity.

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Manual Therapy

Expert orthopedic care encompassing various treatment techniques that have been validated through research.  Orthopedics includes injuries to joints, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  These injuries may be traumatic or come on over time for no apparent reason.

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Athletic Assessment

Your experts provide evaluation and treatment to assist in recovery from an injury or surgery; provide return-to-activity guidelines; and perform biomechanical analysis of throwing, running, cycling, and golf swing mechanics. Services are provided by our highly trained, licensed physical therapy experts who have advanced credentials as board-certified sports clinical specialists and/or certification in athletic training.


Pilates-Based Rehabilitation

Pilates based rehab is one of the fastest growing treatment techniques in physical therapy. It involves the use of special Pilates equipment to help the PT manipulate gravity and to assist a movement that might otherwise be too difficult or painful to perform. The ability of the PT to use springs, levers, and gravity provides a continuum of assistance and resistance to help the patient or individual reach their ultimate performance goal.


Balance & Vertigo

As we get older our balance tends to regress, which increases our risk for falls. Physical Therapy has been shown to improve balance, gait speed, and decrease the risk of falls. This can be done with simple exercises under the instructions of a skilled physical therapist.

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Spine Rehabilitation

Over 80% of patients will have an episode of low back pain at some point in their life.  Without physical therapy the odds of low back pain reoccurring within one year is 80% vs. 35% to those who have undergone skilled physical therapy.


Pelvic Health

Pregnancy can generate large amounts of stress on the body. At Dynamic Performance and Therapy, we have specialists to help you pre and postpartum.


Ergonomic Assessment

Having proper ergonomics is so critical to your health that employers are obligated to provide reasonable accommodation's. You may have completed your company's ergonomic checklist and yet your desk and chair still don't seem to relieve your issues.


Integrative Massage Therapy

After consultation, Christine will integrate several techniques for a session designed specifically for you. If you are working in conjunction with one of our physical therapists, your session may also be supplemented with exercises to address musculoskeletal strength and imbalances.


Pre/Post Op

Physical therapy helps educate the patient about the surgery, what to expect, and practice some exercises that will help restore range of movement, muscle strength and function. After the surgery, physical therapy helps restore function by encouraging exercises that improve a variety of functions.  A series of graduated and supervised home exercises enable a smooth recovery.

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