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How Can I Get My Body Moving?

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

As Diane stated last month, movement truly is medicine. We all know movement is crucial for mental, emotional, and physical health. But sometimes it is hard to get moving or it is one more decision/thought for the day. Here are three different exercise or stress busting workouts that you can do in the office, at home, or along a walking trail. And if you live here in the Midwest, where an abnormal wet and cold spring has been upon us, hang in there. We are almost hopefully through it to get to nicer weather. Use some of these movements to get you through until that day! Or as I tell my clients, dress for the weather, buy a hat and raincoat and go enjoy the great outdoors, despite the imperfect conditions. Your mind and body will thank you!

Strength Circuit - 2 to 3 rounds through

· 12 BW Squats

· 12 Incline Pushups

· 12e Lateral Lunge

· 12 Wall Angels

Stress/Cardio Circuit - 2 to 3 rounds

· 15e way side step or speed skater

· 15 Squat to Calf Raise or Squat Jump

· 15 (Incline) Plank Step/Jack

· 8 inchworms

Mobility Circuit - 1 to 2 rounds

· 2 minutes belly breath

· 10 Seated Cat/Cow

· 8e Reverse lunge w/OH Reach

· 8e Standing Thread the Needle Reach Through

· :60e side Seated 90/90

· 10e Bow and Arrow/Open Book

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