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Mobility Monday

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Everyone experiences aches, pains, and muscle soreness at some point in their life. Whether it is from activity or inactivity, job, stress, etc. our bodies and minds are equipped to continue until the job is done. However, that doesn't mean it has to be done in pain. Below Dr. Jake Dorshorst, PT/CSCS, demonstrates several different exercises to help alleviate discomfort from whatever life is throwing at you!


Upper Back Pain

Do you experience upper back soreness, tightness, or discomfort? This can be caused by sitting for longer periods of time or your posture is incorrect. Watch this video and learn as Dr. Jake practices some tips & tricks that you can do at home if would like to experience some relief.


Knee Pain

Knee pain can be extremely difficult to handle when it is constantly reoccurring. Knee irritation, stillness, and discomfort is not normal and should be treated sooner rather than later. Check out this short video on how you can manage those symptoms right at home!


Calf, Ankle, and Achilles Pain

Do you experience stiffness in your ankles, calves, or Achilles? In this weeks Dynamic Mobility Monday, Dr. Jake will be going over different ways you can address these symptoms from home.


Neck Pain

In Dynamic's Mobility Monday video, today Dr. Jake is going to show you some ways to improve discomfort or stiffness if your neck. Living with neck irritation can cause many difficulties in your day to day life, and doing these tips & tricks can help you with this issue tremendously!


Low Back Pain

Finding the main source to your pain is the #1 priority, but how you treat and take care of it is just as important. Low back pain is something you should not have to live with. Watch this video to learn some tips and tricks on how you can manage this pain at home.


Sitting for long periods of time? Then this is for you!

In this video, Dr. Jake goes over some strategies to help you correct your posture as well as managing aches and pains if you are an individual that finds yourself sitting for prolonged periods of time. If you need better help managing this pain, click the button below to get scheduled with one of our Physical Therapists.


Test Yourself! Try this 30 second Squat Assessment

For this week's Mobility Monday, we are switching things up a bit. To start off this video, we are testing how long you are able to hold a squat. Follow along as Dr. Jake goes through an assessment to test how your body reacts!


How to Properly use a Foam Roller

What is foam rolling? How can foam rolling help relax tight muscles and ease discomfort? If these are questions you have, then this video is for you. For this weeks Mobility Monday, we are talking about the proper way to use a foam roller and the importance of using a foam roller correctly. You don't want to beat that muscle into submission, we want to relax it and let your body not recognize it as a threat. If you have questions after watching, click the button below!


Chronic Foot Pain

Let's talk about feet! Chronic foot pain can be a huge issue that many people deal with on a daily basis. Planter fasciitis, tight Achilles, and tight ankles are just a few of the issues we provide relief for at our clinic. If you are dealing with planter fasciitis or other chronic feet issues, click the button below to consult with one of our specialists.


Hip Pain

For this week's Mobility Monday, Dr. Jake is going to demonstrate a few different ways you can relieve hip pain and discomfort right at home. There are a lot of causes that contribute to hip pain, so if these basic things don't help, make sure to contact us directly to schedule an appointment or a massage with one of our Physical Therapists.


Still experiencing discomfort from a one time or chronic issue? Schedule with Dr. Jake or any of our other skilled therapists to learn more specific exercises to keep you moving!

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