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Thriving or Surviving?

Wow, our bodies are amazing! We put them through so much and they still figure out a way to keep going.

When we experience pain, our body adapts to protect the injured area. We change the way we walk or avoid using that sore arm. Take a minute to think about your day. What did you avoid doing because of pain? Trust me, we are really good at avoiding pain.

However, if this avoidance becomes a habit it can lead to a long-standing change in how we move. Usually we aren’t even aware of our avoidance tendency. Once we are back moving naturally, we are surprised at how much we have been compensating.

Is avoiding pain always a bad thing? No! Pain is our early alarm system and we need to listen to it. It should prompt us to address the areas that are having problems. If your car had a check engine light you wouldn’t ignore it or think everything was okay. You would schedule an appointment to

determine the problem.

The sooner you address the issue, the easier it is to fix. The same is true with our bodies, the sooner you are seen, the more straight forward the fix. Long time compensation will lead to chronic movement dysfunction often accompanied by persistent pain. We need to recognize how we are avoiding or modifying our daily activities and address the underlying problem.

My question to you: Are you thriving or surviving? As movement specialists we want to teach you how to thrive!

It is critical to listen to your body and recognize when you need help. We are fortunate at Dynamic Performance and Therapy to all have a solid understanding of pain with a few of us specializing in successful treatment of those more complex individuals. Read one of our previous blogs to learn about pain education and why it is important.


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