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'Tis the Season To Be Well...

And to be jolly. Until it isn’t. I am not just talking about sickness, but also your emotional, mental, and physical health. This time of year is filled with many get togethers, pressure to get or make the perfect gift for everyone on your list, and holiday treats every corner you turn. And while all these things can be good in moderation, it can run you to the ground physically and mentally. Here are some ways to help keep yourself feeling well this holiday season.


1.       Say no. You don’t have to be obligated to go to every holiday get together where they are filled with calorie containing beverages and food. If you want to spend the time with the people who are asking you and you know it will fill your mental cup, say yes, but suggest a hike or walk before or in place of the get together. Your body will thank you for the movement and fresh air, while your mental health with thank you for time spent with those who make you happy!

2.       Prioritize movement. Whether it is your consistent workout routine or getting out for a walk, you will feel better moving for at least 20 minutes a day. Make your workouts fun by doing a holiday themed workout (you can find a bodyweight workout below!)

3.       Drink enough water. If you are at a get together, choose water before and after a beverage of choice to make sure your body is staying hydrated between other beverages as well as the cold weather!

4.       Bring a fun, healthy holiday treat. Who says you can’t have fun creating a fruit or veggie platter that is holiday themed? Not only will it be nutritious, but it will also be a welcome break from all the heavy or sugar-filled foods? Here is a fun fruit wreath or an idea to “spruce” up your veggie platter!

5.       Sleep. We all know we feel better physically and mentally when we have had enough zzz’s. If you have a late night one night, try to get back on schedule with your normal sleep cycle the next night so as not to have it continue to have a snowball effect on long term sleep patterns.

6.       Forgo gifts and give/get experiences. If your group is open to it, set aside a time to go check out an escape room or the rock-climbing gym. Or maybe it is heading to the theater to see the newest release if you are a movie buff. Not only will you have the time together, but you will also have less “stuff” management making it less stressful all around.

Here at Dynamic, we care about your physical well-being, but we also care about your wellness as the mental and emotional stress amps up physical aches and pains. We hope you take the time to spend with those who make you look at life and say, “I am so thankful they are in my circle”. Create moments to remember. Hike in a winter wonderland. And take care of you.

Wanting to get started with taking care of you with a massage, care for a nagging injury, or getting started with a wellness program? We are here to help. Give us a call at 608.351.3049 or book online.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy holiday season!


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