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Top 10 Reasons to Come To Dynamic For Your Therapy and Wellness Needs…And Why Our Staff Love It Here

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

October is National Physical Therapy month and Dynamic Performance and Therapy is grateful to be a provider of some of the best physical therapy care in the Coulee Region for over seven years. Our group of skilled and expert clinicians and wellness team want to make sure you leave our doors after every visit with more knowledge and on a path to the best version of you. If you have been here before, hopefully you feel that is the case. If you haven’t, here are ten reasons why Dynamic may be the best choice for YOU!

1. Cost savings. Many think that because they have health insurance, they will save on their health and wellness needs when utilizing their benefits. However, with higher deductibles and premiums, this is no longer always the case. Unfortunately, PT care is not well supported by insurance so many PT services you receive may not be covered by your insurance. This leaves you with a bill for the cost difference. At Dynamic, if you choose our self-pay option, you know your exact cost at the time of service and will not receive any additional surprise bills.

2. Time. With faster paced lives, now more than ever, we all know time is a precious commodity. At Dynamic, your therapist spends your full appointment time with you at each visit and most patients are scheduled for PT only 1 visit/ per week. This is in contrast to larger scale PT clinics that often schedule 2x/week to get the same amount of 1:1 time in with the therapist. This model of care leads to a greater time commitment and cost for the patient.

3. More one on one time with your therapist. Our therapists spend every minute of your appointment with you 1:1 and do not utilize unlicensed therapy staff to assist with your care. This allows our therapists to get to know you and your problem fully and guarantee you the highest level of care at each visit. This model of care also leaves more time for quality treatment to be provided without the constraints of limitations put on by insurance companies.

4. Building a strong patient-provider relationship. It goes with #3 and how the rest of life works – the more time you have together, the stronger the relationship and trust you build with your provider. That trust can lead to a collaboration between the two of you for a wellness path, both short term and long term. The goals you start with at the first session may be different by your fifth session, and because of that foundational trust, your therapist will hear what you are telling them and pivot to give you the guidance you need to reach your goals.

5. No referral needed. With a cash-based practice, we do not need to be constrained by the rules set out by insurance companies. Most insurances companies require you to have a physician referral to cover physical therapy. This often delays getting the care you need by weeks or in some cases months. This can be precious time when dealing with a painful injury, as well as additional and unnecessary costs to the patient.

6. Timeliness – We guarantee you will get into a Dynamic PT within 48-72 hours. Our therapists are here for you, and we know that when you are in pain, the thought of waiting weeks to get in for an appointment can be daunting. We will get you in for an appointment within 48-72 hours so that you can get the pain relief you need while starting a short- and long-term plan if that is what you want!

7. Effective long-term improvement of pain. If you have had chronic long-term discomfort and pain, our team of experts help you better understand the source of your pain and develop a personalized plan to help you overcome it. Your plan will include strategies for pain reduction, and a supportive team to help you achieve the lifestyle you desire. In collaboration with you, they will develop a movement/exercise plan so you can know when to proceed forward, when to back off, and how to modify your activities based on the feedback your body is giving you at that time.

8. More freedom to explore the root cause of the problem. Medically necessary is a term that insurance companies like to use to validate whether you need to continue with physical therapy. For example, if you receive PT for back pain and it goes away in a few sessions, your insurance company may no longer see it as necessary to cover additional visits to prevent the recurrence or cause of your pain. Often, your back pain returns, and you have to repeat the cycle of care from the beginning. Our team of experts want to dig deeper and help you discover why you are feeling what you feel and help identify strengths, weaknesses, imbalances, and movement patterns that may be contributing to the discomfort and recurrence of pain you are feeling.

9. A team of therapy and wellness experts to help you, no matter where you are at with your wellness journey. Dynamic offers several services that can help a broad spectrum of individuals, no matter where they are in their wellness journey. Our front desk professionals are here to answer any initial questions you may have about physical therapy and how it works at Dynamic. After a discussion with you to find out your wants and needs, we typically set up an initial evaluation with one of our physical therapy experts. The therapist will evaluate your pain or movement dysfunction and provide you with their assessment of the root cause of your pain or problem. They will then work with you to develop a plan that gets you back to your movement and wellness goals. It is truly individualized for you. You may work with our physical therapy assistant or massage therapist to compliment the time you have with your physical therapist. Once you have completed your acute care goals to your problem, you may be looking to get back to strength training via group classes, personal training or just working out on your own-we can help with that too! We are here to help bridge the gap between your rehabilitation, wellness and fitness goals, so you may achieve the best version of yourself you want to be.

10. Building your toolbox to manage and heal yourself. We know we can’t be with you every minute of every day, so building a toolbox that can help you along life’s physical journey is important to our therapists and trainers. Our goal is to empower you to feel confident that you can heal yourself and know we are there cheering you on along the way. We are just a phone call away if you need it!

We hope you will reach out to Dynamic if you have any questions or want to get started on your wellness or fitness journey with one of our experts. Ready to book an initial evaluation or get back in with your favorite Dynamic therapist?

Below is a little insight into our awesome staff and what they love about being a part of the team here at Dynamic!

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